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Modelon Impact comes in two types of installations:

  • On-Premise
  • Desktop

The On-Premise version is pre-installed by the system administrator and ready to use from a web browser, given a On-Premise license with Modelon. Modelon Impact Desktop needs to be installed by the user, see Installation instructions. The System requirements indicate the equipment and settings recommended to best Modelon Impact performance.


For system administrator setup instructions, see the Modelon Impact operations manual.


The Modelon Libraries which are included with the Modelon Impact installation, as well as custom content, can be used in Modelon Impact. The path to getting the content you need into Modelon Impact is described below for the On-Premise and Desktop installation, respectively. An overview of the Modelon Libraries included with Modelon Impact is provided in Library Overview, and in the more detailed documentation of each individual library in the same section.


From the Modelon Impact landing page, you can create a new workspace for your work, or open/import an existing workspace. A new workspace will contain only the Modelica standard library by default. To add more existing content, e.g. any of the Modelon libraries, open Workspace Configuration from the Apps menu in to top right of the browser window. From there, any libraries that are needed can be added to the workspace. Checking out content from SVN/Git is also supported. See more information in Workspace Management. When going back to the workspace in Modelon Impact, you will be prompted to reload the page to load the new content.


All Modelon libraries require that the Modelica Standard Library ("Modelica") and the Modelon Base Library ("Modelon") is loaded as these contain components that are extended to other libraires and models. The Modelica Standard library is loaded by default in Modelon Impact, but the Modelon Base Library needs to be loaded in Workspace Management when loading another Modelon library. The AirConditioning library is dependent on the ThermoFluidPro library, which needs to be loaded when working with the AirConditioning library.


For Modelon Impact desktop, all Modelon Libraries are loaded by default when creating a new workspace. The libraries which are not needed can be disabled from using the cog wheel in the "Libraries" section of the user interface. Custom libraries can be added through the instructions in Adding an external library.

For information on how to work in Modelon Impact, see Modelon Impact