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Set up a dynamic simulation🔗

Dynamic analysis presents a standard time based transient analysis, where the user specifies the start and stop time, post-processing interval.

  1. Go to Experiment mode, click on EXPERIMENT section in the Details panel, go to the ANALYSIS tab, click on the Dynamic button.

  2. Enter Start Time, Stop Time, Interval. Each example model has a default value allowing the model to be simulated without making any changes.

Plotting intervals

The plotting interval directly influences the size of the results: small interval equals big result file. The default plotting interval will follow up solver step. It is recommended to set the plotting interval to e.g. 0.01 sec to avoid too many plotting points, when the time-step is decreased, e.g. during sudden transients.

Set Up Simulation | Advanced | Steady State | Cancelled | Simulation Setting | MultiExecution