Version 3.6

Modelon Library 3.6 is part of Modelon’s 2020.2 release.

New Features


  • Added Environment package to calculate properties of atmosphere for aerospace and other applications.
    • Demonstration Example
    • Atmosphere
    • AirData
    • WorldRepresentation



  • Vapor quality calculation has been implemented in GenericTwoPhase.


  • Partial pump has been updated to include a parameter for mechanical efficiency and an additional input for cavitation reduction of the pump flow.
  • Two inputs, pump speed and flow density, are added to the pump characteristics partial function baseFlow.
  • Implemented the pressure drop which includes the acceleration due to specific volume change in the DistributedTwoPhase pipe model as an optional. Users can enable the "momentumIncludesAcceleration" to include the acceleration due to specific volume change. Also implemented the energy balance equation which includes the change in kinetic energy as optional. Users can enable the "kineticEnergyInBalance" to include the change in kinetic energy in the energy balance equation.
  • Implemented new pipe model DistributedTwoPhaseMetaStable which is extended from DistributedTwoPhase pipe model. Enabling this option introduces a delayed vaporization when transitioning from liquid to vapor phase, as can be observed in capillary tubes. When the liquid enters the twophase region, a certain superheating is required before vaporization starts, then for some additional distance, equilibrium twophase fluid will exist together with superheated liquid before all fluid reaches an equilibrium two-phase state.

Conversion of User Libraries

User libraries will automatically be converted from version 3.5. These conversions are made using the included conversion script: Modelon/Resources/Scripts/Convert_to_3.6.mos.