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Battery Pack Charging System🔗

This example demonstrates how to leverage the Modelon Impact Add-In for Excel to analyze and optimize the configuration of a battery pack charging system. The model employed in this example consists of a battery pack connected to an external charger.

By comparing various battery configurations in terms of the KPIs charging time and charging losses, a trade-off curve (Pareto Frontier) is automatically populated in the dashboard worksheet.

Detailed information about the example can be found in the info sheet in the example workbook which can be downloaded here:


  • If not done already: Install the Modelon Impact Add-In for Excel.
  • If not done already: Set up the ExcelDemo Workspace
  • Download the example workbook using the "Download Example Excel Workbook"-button above.
  • Open the Excel file and the Add-In and execute the pre-configured experiment in the "ModelonExperiment" worksheet.
  • The results and parameterization automatically populate the Dashboard worksheet.