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Welcome to the 2022.3 release of Modelon Impact. This is the first release within the concept of an integrated release process for Modelon Impact on cloud.

Update contains new features and addresses some usability issues. Only applicable for Modelon Impact on cloud.


  • The Diagram View now also renders SVG graphics referenced/used in element icons. These graphics are also rendered as PNGs, so they are not animated.
  • Impact now automatically removes the error message when a new simulation is started after fixing mistakes in the model.
  • Improved license error message for
  • 3D Viewer: Model-specific scene and playback settings (checkboxes, sliders, ...) are now saved when the viewer is closed. So, they are available again when the viewer has opened again. They are not saved with the model.
  • Modelon Impact now offers a Dark Mode as Public Beta. Through the Application settings, Dark Mode can be enabled and there are other settings where the Diagram View and Plots can be excluded. While this feature is in Beta status, we ask users to give us feedback on their preferred settings and more.


  • Selecting a Result set after clicking the CANCEL button for the workspace updates window throws "Something went wrong error".