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Stable 74

This version was released on 2021-APR-13


  • Customizable colors for signals in a plot.
  • FAST UI is used when inspecting components.
  • Ensure AST is updated before fetching updated model data from AST.
  • Moved update functions used in SetModifierCommand from the editing server to the client’s AST worker.
  • Display error nodes in the library browser for classes that contain syntax errors so the user can see what the issue is when a library cannot be loaded.
  • Reduce the delay between clicking compile/simulate button and dispatching the request to the backend.
  • Improve performance of pasting multiple components at once and undoing that action.
  • Smooth and more robust way to start the editing server.
  • Custom functions are specified to run without needing to compile the model.
  • Add support for Azure B2C authentication in passport.js integration.
  • Consider replaceable prefixes and constrained by clause when adding new components to the AST.


  • Removed hardcoded license address from Jupyter Notebook image when installing to Kubernetes.
  • Fixed when Steady State simulation automatically retries even when the ‘Initialize from latest result’ is disabled.
  • Fixed when pinned plots did not remain shown while switching to another model.
  • Added tracking for a long time out spawning of the editing server, shortened timeout limit and enforce retries.
  • Stopped pinned plots from disappearing when plotting a variable in a new plot.
  • Corrected the ‘impact_user_folder’ environment variable form ‘/root/impact’ to ‘/impact’ which can cause issues for custom functions.
  • An error code is returned so the installer does not fail silently if VBS script fails.