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Sbtl release notes

This is an alpha release of Spline-Based Table-Lookup Media Creator.

Note that this release of the software product is provided for customer testing and feedback purposes only. Also, note that this release has not undergone final testing, and users may encounter critical errors. Users of this particular release are strongly discouraged to use it for production work.

Kindly refer your feedback to

Alpha 0.4 updates🔗

  • SBTL Media creator is updated with the latest release Modelon libraries. i.e., MBL 4.1 and VCL 2.9.
  • Added protection Annotation in the Modelica template package.
  • Fixed a few typos in Jupyter Notebook.

Alpha 0.3 updates🔗

The most recent release of the SBTL media creator includes several stability updates, including:

  • Automatic conversion of fluid names that are not Modelica compliant, such as parenthesis or dashes.
  • Improved description strings of generated media to distinguish them from previous media and the included templates.
  • Automatic Modelica documentation of the media, including settings used and sources cited in the RefProp/COOLPROP implementation.
  • Automatic interpolation of data points where the backend returns NaN.
  • Automatic implementation of surface tension correlation coefficients added.

SBTL media creator limitations🔗

There are several limitations within this media creator version.

  • RefProp is not part of the media creator package and it needs to be installed separately.
  • It can be used for pure media only.
  • There are limited capabilities to run diagnostics when media generation fails, which might be caused by wrong ranges, big grids, etc.
  • The SBTL media creator has only been validated for a limited set of fluids.
  • It is not possible to change the reference state when using Refprop without editing the Refprop.FLD files. This is due to constraints in the Coolprop/Refprop interface.
  • Media can only be generated for enthalpy and pressure limits that properly catch the two-phase region. Otherwise, the tool will crash (i.e. not possible to generate single-phase only).
  • Enthalpy and pressure grids cannot in all cases be chosen arbitrarily large.
  • The creator works only if a proper rectangular grid in (d, T), (h, p) and (p, s) can be generated. A rectangular (h, p) grid does not necessarily imply a rectangular (d, T) and (p, s) grid.
  • In order to generate monotonic auxiliary data, the SBTL grid has to be sufficiently large (at least 240x240).
  • The generated SBTL media can only be used with Modelon medium templates.
  • It cannot be run on Impact Linux on-premises as it requires additional external software not available in Impact/OCT installation and cannot be added to Impact/OCT after installation. -┬áIt uses a Jupyter Notebook which is not directly accessible from Impact.