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Enable/Disable a Library or Project in a Workspace🔗

Added Libraries and Projects in a Workspace are by default enabled. You can (temporarily) disable them via Workspace Management.

  1. Open Workspace configuration (Workspace Management)
  2. In the Dependencies list you find the read-only Libraries linked to your Workspace. Click on the three-dots icon and select "Disable"
  3. Go back to Impact: A "Reload" prompt asks you to reload this page. Then, the added Libraries are available in the Library Browser


The default Project cannot be disabled!

By default, all available Global Libraries are enabled and accessible in the Library Browser of a new workspace.

  1. Click the button on the right.
  2. Uncheck the checkboxes for the libraries you don't want to load; Impact will remember this configuration the next time the workspace is opened.
  3. The Modelica Standard Library (MSL) cannot be disabled.

Switch Workspace | Find Model | Open Workspace | Create Workspace