LCL Version 2.12

Liquid Cooling Library 2.12 is part of Modelon's 2024.1 release. New versions of Modelon libraries are sold and distributed directly from Modelon, as well as approved resellers.

Build 1 (2024-02-14)

New features

  • Added two generic valves: ThreeWayDistributingValve with one inlet and three controlled outlets, and ThreeWayCollectorValve with three controlled inlets and one outlet.
  • Added new experiment FlowBalancing.OrificeSizing model to illustrate Modelon's steady-state problem solving capabilities. New system and component views as well domain explorations.
  • Added new tutorial section under the User's Guide documentation based on the new experiment: FlowBalancing.OrificeSizing.
  • Added variant models OpenTank_Alt and ClosedTank_Alt to Experiments.TankRecirculation as examples with dynamic volume models swapped for OpenTank components to illustrate differences in results due to hydrostatic pressure.
  • Added mass and volume estimations for fluid and/or solid parts for supported Geometric pipes and bends,  Heat Exchangers, Volumes, Valves and pump. Supported models now have an additional tab "Aggregate mass and volume" there the calculations are either performed directly in the model or make use of a replaceable model in the newly added MassEstimate package.
  • Added Summary and Initialization component views to see relevant variables and parameters on stickies. (Known limitation: Instantiating multiple components that extend from the same class, which has the component views defined, will not have their component views appear.)
  • Further PbS support for the following components: EpsNTU Heat Exchangers (Liquid-Liquid, Liquid-Gas, Gas-Gas), ExpansionVolume and Pump - see SupportedPackages for more information.
  • Library experiments include a System View for results for key variables in plots or stickies.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed the missing reference to the local Liquid media package for internal components of the LiquidCooling.Experiments.FlowRouting.FlowPath_PrescribedFlow and LiquidCooling.Experiments.FlowRouting.Split_Physical examples. The media package is defined by the base class. This could have lead to an error if the media package of the experiment was redeclared by an extending model without redeclaring the media packages of the components.
  • Changed the outgoing specific enthalpy to use the sum of each incoming mass flow instead of the outgoing flow rate for consistency with the total enthalpy, H_flow, of the energy balance.


  • Updated the path from Modelon.ThermoFluid.Solids.ConstantProperties to Modelon.Thermal.MaterialProperties.PropertyData.ConstantProperties for the WallMaterial record of GasGas, LiquidGas, and LiquidLiquid EpsNTU heat exchangers and the material record for SolidHeatTransfer classes respectively due to the path change as documented in the Modelon 4.4 Release Notes.