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This version was released on 2022-JUN-17

Welcome to the Modelon Impact 2022.2 release. Since the release of Modelon Impact, we’ve made constant enhancements to user productivity and experience.

Below includes a detailed list of updated and new features in Modelon Impact.

New Features🔗

  1. Modelon Impact on cloud.
  2. App Mode creates a "locked" model that can be shared with other users.
  3. Workspace clean up to remove old and outdated data to save disk space.
  4. Manual re-compilation to manually force re-compilation.
  5. Zoom selected components in 3D view.
  6. Improved Modules and Add-ons.

Improved Diagnostics🔗

  1. Balancing check improvements.
  2. More information for encrypted models.
  3. Modelica compliance check.
  4. Check against incorrectly defined duplicated variables.
  5. Check against incorrectly defined derivative annotations in Modelica functions.
  6. Improved error check for connect clauses.
  7. Improved option to convert parameters to constants.
  8. Improved handling of switching between MSL versions.
  9. Removed default linking of ModelicaStandardTables (and its header).

Modelon Impact on Cloud🔗

  • Available online
  • Daily account backup
  • Connect to external services such as GitHub, GitLab or company internal Git/SVN servers to share content and track changes
Modelon Impact on Cloud

App Mode🔗

New App Mode allows users to add adjustable parameters, plots, and stickies to model and share it with others.


  • Prepare a model with Plots and Stickies
  • Export the model into the workspace
  • Download it from the cloud. Send/share with others
  • Allows to share a read-only model for feedback and validation
App Mode Export


  • Import a model as an app
  • Model editing disabled
  • Run with default or adjusted solver options
  • Open predefined plots and stickies
  • Export results
App Mode Import

Workspace Cleanup🔗

  • Delete results older than the selected number of days
  • Accessible from the user interface
  • Helps to clean up and reduce the size of the cloud account
Workspace Cleanup

Manual Re-compilation🔗

  • Manually force re-compilation by SHIFT + button for already compiled model
  • Re-compile model before simulation for special cases (HiL, FMU export, external dependencies).
Manual Re-compilation

Zoom to Selected Component🔗

  • Right-click on a component and select 3D View
  • Zoom to a component in large models/systems to find it quickly
Zoom to Selected Components

Modules and Add-ons🔗

  • Support for very large result files in PyFMI
  • Improved import of Co-simulation FMUs