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Published Workspaces🔗

The Published workspaces page provides an overview of which workspaces you have shared, when these were published, and their size. You may have observed that the size is considerably smaller than the initially indicated size when the workspace was published. This reduction is a result of compression. It also shows the storage currently used, the total available storage for published workspaces and the tenant (the group of users in the same organization) with whom you share the workspaces.


Note that this is not the same storage as used for local workspaces (that are stored in the user space). The user space storage can be checked in the Server management page

To get the link to a workspace that you have shared, click the context menu for the published workspace (three dots), select "Shareable link", and copy the link.

Delete a Published Workspace🔗

A published workspace can be deleted through context menu (three dots). You will get a confirmation dialog before it is deleted.


Deleting the published workspace does not delete the local workspaces for users who already clicked the link.