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Create a Model from a Template🔗

A template of a model lets the user choose the specific component to place into a defined model.

  1. Create a templates.json file.
templates-json file format graphic

Variable definitions

Keyword Description
className Defines the path of the model to be considered as a template
displayName Defines the default name of the template
category Defines the category of the template
mode Defines the mode of creating the model by extending/duplicating

The file must be placed in Resources > WAMS directory of the required workspace under Users > Impact.

Modelon Impact on-premise🔗

  1. Sample path to place the file is <storage>/impact/workspaces/Temp/model_libraries/editable/Workspace/Resources/WAMS, where <storage> is the persistent volume/storage used for Impact

Modelon Impact Desktop🔗

  1. Sample path to place the file is C:\Users\Dell\impact\workspaces\Temp\model_libraries\editable\Workspace\Resources\WAMS

  2. A model can be created from the template by clicking button at the top right of the Workspace panel on the left side of the browser.

Create a model from template graphic

  1. Give the required name and package and click Create.

Start from template | Create a Package