HXL Version 2.11

Heat Exchanger Library 2.11 is part of Modelon's 2023.2 release. New versions of Modelon's libraries are sold and distributed directly from Modelon, as well as approved resellers.

Version 2.11 contains the changes described below.

New features

  • Fin-on-tube heat exchangers can now be included in heat exchanger stacks, using templates from the HeatExchanger.Stacks package.
  • In fin-on-tube heat exchangers with multiple columns it was previously assumed that the first pass was located in the back column (column of tubes on the side where air exits the heat exchanger). It is now possible to configure the first pass to be located in the front column (the side where air enters the heat exchanger), using a new parameter in the Geometry record.
  • In fin-on-tube heat exchangers it is now possible to "skip" any number of tube passes (a certain pair of tube column & row number) where the tube does not pass through the fins to the opposite side of the heat exchanger, and therefore not contributing to heat transfer. Any number of tube column & row indices to skip can be defined in the Geometry record.
  • In fin-on tube heat exchangers it is now possible to remove the presence of fins associated with the tubes at certain column & row indices. The defined sections will not contribute to air side pressure loss when fins are considered removed. Tube column and row indices can be specified for fin removal in the Geometry record. By default, air fins are removed for the same columns & rows where tubes are removed, but they can be configured to be different as well.
  • Multi-circuit fin-on-tube heat exchangers are now supported. Components with different number of circuits in different arrangements are available in the package HeatExchanger.HeatExchangers.CrossFlowAir.FinTube.TwoPhaseExampleCircuits.


  • The function used to resample 2D air properties in stand-alone air side models & when resampling inhomogeneous data on file, could in some cases return incorrect results. This has been corrected by using a similar air resampling algoritm as for the stacking air side models. The influence of this correction depend on the sampling grids of the input data relative to the target grid. For the overall flow field the observed errors have been small, but for individual cells they could be large.
  • Flattube & Fin-on-tube heat exchangers are now grouped togeter in the package HeatExchanger.HeatExchangers.CrossFlowAir. In the sub-package "TestBenches" are test benches which are compatible with both types of heat exchangers.