ADL Version 1.6

Aircraft Dynamics Library 1.6 is part of Modelon���s 2022.1 release.

New versions of Modelon libraries are sold and distributed directly from Modelon, as well as approved resellers.

New features

  • Two new experiment examples showcase capabilities for aircraft performance simulations. Those are the CruiseClimb and the ConstantAltitudeCruise experiments.


  • Upgraded the library to be compliant with MSL 4.0.0. Note that there is no backward compatibility of the library to the previous version of MSL 3.2.3.
  • Refactorized initialization for the motion blocks.

    The initialization is now more versatile allowing initialization with different sets of variables.

  • Improved implementation of the aerodynamics model.

    The new template and grouping of dynamic state calculations improves readability and simplifies extending the aerodynamics model.

  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Moved classes

  • AircraftDynamics.Aircraft.Airframes.Aerodynamics.Motion.FreeMotionInWnB ��� AircraftDynamics.Aircraft.Airframes.Aerodynamics.Motion.FreeMotion

    The old FreeMotion and FreeMotionInWnB has been merged, and the initialization behavior should be set with the new initialization blocks.

  • AircraftDynamics.Aircraft.Airframes.Aerodynamics.Templates.PartialAero ��� AircraftDynamics.Aircraft.Airframes.Aerodynamics.Templates.Basic

New classes

  • Classes under the package AircraftDynamics.Aircraft.Airframes.Aerodynamics.Motion.Initialization.

Removed classes

  • Classes under the package AircraftDynamics.Examples.HighPerformance were moved to the IndustryExamples library.