Cooler Transients Input on Table


This experiment extends from CoolerTransients, and illustrates how to configure the model to run with transient boundary conditions. The transient boundary condition can exist in a file or be specified directly as an array parameter. To specify a transient boundary condition, redeclare the corresponding source component to InputsOnTable.

The component will access data using Modelon.DataAccess functionality, which supports several different file formats, see the documentation of InputsOnTable for more information.

The first column has to be time (seconds), and the data can be in any other column, defined by the columns parameter.

In this example, boundary conditions are read from an xml file, which is access by instantiating an XmlFile access instance, and point it to the xml file. This is automatically propagated to the InputsOnTable instances (via Modelica inner/outer construct), when tableType = AccessArray is specified (default option).

When dynamic boundary conditions are used, the corresponding values in the init record are not used as boundary conditions, but may be used as initial guess values in case of steady-state initialization.