Active Cooling

This experiment demonstrates a battery pack with active cooling via the external thermalPort interface, based on a cool_request signal from the battery controller.

Thermal interface

Different nodes of the thermal model for the battery pack are accessed with thermal adapters. The cells adapter provides a single heat port for the collection of all cells, and the ambient adapter provides a heat port that allows heat flow to an ambient temperature. More information about this concept can be found in the User's guide section Thermal models and interfaces.

Temperature control

The battery pack has been configured with the Thermostat controller, which actuates the external cooling with the cool_request signal, based on temperature hysteresis limits. The plot below shows the battery temperature, along with the controller hysteresis limits.

Heat flow (loss and cooling power)

The battery is discharged according to the loadPower time series input, which results in the heat losses shown in the plot below. This plot also shows the heat flow that leaks out to ambient, as well as the heat that flows to the cooling.