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Export a workspace🔗

Workspaces can be exported (downloaded). The ZIP file optionally contains all Modelica packages including resources and if desired also results and FMUs. This ZIP file can be re-imported (uploaded) at another point.

  1. Click on the "Export workspace" button (Download icon) on top of library browser.
  2. Optional (export configuration mode): Select or deselect models and data that should be included.
  3. Click on the "EXPORT" button.

If you are in the configuration mode of the workspace export, the "ADVANCED" button also appears. Here you have the possibility to configure your workspace for the App Mode of Impact. In Impact's App Mode, you can only work with the selected model.

Follow these additional steps between steps 2 and 3:

  • Click "ADVANCED" and in the appearing Advanced Settings toggle "Export for App Mode"
  • Select a model ("Model name") from your workspace - this will be the available model in the App Mode


The workspace is exported to a *.zip file (not *.mo) and by default it includes the latest result files and compiled models (FMU). Exporting a workspace to a .zip file involves downloading the workspace.

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