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Connecting Modelon Libraries

Connecting components from different libraries together is a very important feature of using our Modelon Libraries. This helps in modeling many applications or use-cases and examine the physical behaviour of the systems in the most effective manner.


This article focuses mainly on the connections/connectors between two Modelon libraries within the aerospace context. Listed here are the libraries dealing with thermofluids i.e., liquids and gases.

The connections/connectors are represented in the form of a matrix for easy reference.


All Modelon Libraries are compatible with each other to be used in the same model. The matrix only refers to the compatibility of thermofluid connections/connectors in Modelon Libraries.

Based on how the libraries are connected, we classify the connections/connectors into four different categories:

Color Code Connection Category
Fluid connectors of components in the libraries are naturally interconnectable. Connect the library components directly.
Fluid connectors of components in the libraries are connected using an adaptor available within the libraries.
Libraries can interact via heat transfer in heat exchangers or rotational connectors in turbomachinery. In case of queries, write to us at
Looking for these connections, write to us at

Connectivity Matrix🔗


The adaptors used for the connections are listed here, based on the numbers in the matrix.

  1. JetPropulsion.Utilities.Adapters.Adapter
  2. IndustryExamples.Aerospace.Aircraft.Components.Aircraft.Power.Engines.Adapter.ThermoFluidAdaptor
  3. Pneumatics.ThermoFluid.Components.ThermoFluidAdaptor
  4. Hydraulics.ThermoFluid.Components.ThermoFluidAdaptor
  5. FuelSystem.Utilities.Adaptors.MBL_setPos (or) FuelSystem.Utilities.Adaptors.MBL_getPos
  6. Modelon.ThermoFluid.Adaptors.TwoPhaseToSinglePhase (available in 2023.1!)

Why do we need adaptors?🔗

The main reasons why all libraries cannot just be simply connected is that the fidelity level of how detailed the media is modelled in each library varies. In some libraries you have a more detailed media model, modelled with more unique substances. Those substances are also represented in the variable called X in the connectors. As an example:

  • The model of air within Jet Propulsion Library consists of two substances: {Dry Air, Combustion Products}
  • In 1-phase medias within Modelon Base Library, the number of substances for air can vary depending on what media model you choose: {Dry Air}, {H20, Dry Air} or {H20, 02, N2, Ar}.

In order for these libraries to be connected an appropriate adaptor must be used to do the mapping between substances.

The reference point for specific enthalpy may also be different. This is another reason why adaptors must be used to maintain consistency across libraries.