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Information on OCT release notes🔗

OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit (OCT)🔗

The OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit (OCT) is the calculation engine (both compiler and solver) used by Modelon Impact. It comes with a Modelica compiler with capabilities beyond dynamic simulation by offering unique features for optimization and steady-state computations.

Release Notes🔗

Welcome to the release information of OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit (OCT). There is continuous development related to compiler changes, runtime improvements, API improvements, optimization improvements, python package improvements and diagnostics information.

E.1. Release notes for the OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit (version 1.48.3)🔗

The release contains a fix for a performance issue compared to 1.48.2.

  • Fixed a regression resulting in increased memory use during compilation


Send an email to for detailed chronological release information updated in Appendix E of OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit User Guide