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Create a Class🔗

Class is a Modelica keyword that signifies any type of object in Modelon Impact such as connectors, model, block, package, record, function or type.

  1. Create a new class with the button at the top right of the Workspace panel on the left side of the browser.

  2. Give the new class a name and specify the class type listed below:

  • Model A class or system of equations that has an undefined input and output
  • Package A grouping of classes (models, records, etc.)
  • Block A class or model that has defined inputs and outputs
  • Record Typically a class that contains constants or other parameter values, is not allowed to have equations
  • Connector A class used to define a connector
  • Expandable Connector A class used to define an expandable connector
  • Function A class used to define a function
  • Type A class used to define a type
  1. Select the package where you would like to store the class.

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