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Steady State settings🔗

Steady State Compiler options🔗

Option Default Description
hand_guided_tearing True If enabled, hand guided tearing of equation system is performed.
generate_html_diagnostics False If enabled, model diagnostics are generated in HTML format. This includes the flattened model, connection sets, alias sets and BLT form.
equation_sorting True If enabled, then the equation system is separated into minimal blocks that can be solved sequentially.
expose_scalar_equation_ blocks_in_interactive_fmu True If enabled, unsolved scalar equations will be exposed to the external solver when generating interactive fmu.
divide_by_vars_in_tearing True If enabled, a less restrictive strategy is used for solving equations in the tearing algorithm. Specifically, division by parameters and variables is permitted, by default no such divisions are made during tearing.
merge_blt_blocks True If this option is set to true (default is false), BLT blocks will be constructed so that all level one HGT pairs and all unpaired HGT will reside inside the same BLT block.
automatic_tearing True If enabled, then automatic tearing of equation systems is performed.
variability_propagation False If enabled, the compiler performs a global analysis on the equation system and reduces variables to constants and parameters where applicable.
interactive_fmu True If enabled, the DAE system is converted into an interactive fmu where all residual equations and iteration variables have been changed into top level outputs and inputs.
index_reduction False If enabled, then index reduction is performed for high-index systems
local_iteration_in_tearing annotation This option controls whether equations can be solved local in tearing. Possible options are: 'off', local iterations are not used (default). 'annotation', only equations that are annotated are candidates. 'all', all equations are candidates
include_protected_variables False Includes protected variables in the compilation target interface if the protectionannotation on the class allows viewing variables.
c_compiler gcc The C compiler to use to compile generated C code.

Steady State Solver options🔗

Option Default Description
max_iter_no_jacobian 1 Maximum number of iterations without jacobian update. Value 1 means an update in every iteration. [1, 1000] (Corresponding compiler option: nle_solver_max_iter_no_jacobian)
tolerance 0.00001 Relative tolerance [eps(1), 0.1]. (Corresponding compiler option: nle_solver_default_tol)
step_limit_factor 1 Factor used to limit the step size based on nominal and min/max range [0.01, 100]. Newton step length is limited so that for any iteration variable xi it is not larger than step_limit_factor times min(max(abs(nominal), abs(xi)),(xi_max-xi_min)). (Corresponding compiler option: nle_solver_step_limit_factor)
jacobian_calculation_mode 9 Mode for how to calculate the Jacobian: 0 - onesided differences, 1 - central differences, 2 - central differences at bound, 3 - central differences at bound and 0, 4 - central differences in second Newton solve, 5- central differences at bound in second Newton solve, 6 - central differences at bound and 0 in second Newton solve, 7 - central differences when small residual, 8 - calculate Jacobian through MATLABĀ®, 9 - Jacobian compression. (Corresponding compiler option: nle_jacobian_calculation_mode)
residual_equation_scaling 5 Residual equation scaling mode: 0 - no scaling, 1 - automatic scaling, 2 - manual scaling, 3 - hybrid scaling, 4 - aggressive automatic scaling, 5 - automatic rescaling at full Jacobian update. (Corresponding compiler option: residual_equation_scaling)