TPL Version 1.25

Thermal Power Library 1.25 is part of Modelon's 2023.1 release. New versions of Modelon libraries are sold and distributed directly from Modelon, as well as approved resellers.

Version 1.25 contains the changes described below.

Build 1 (2023-02-03)

Fixed issues

  • Changed the nominal inlet specific enthalpy value for stage2 in Turbine_3stageBase to refer to top level h_nom. This parameter now correctly reflects the pre-calculated enthalpy output from stage1. This change would have considerable impact on dependent experiments.
  • Fixed a typo in Data for molar mass calculation in SolarSalt.
  • Introduced concentration limiter in LumpedFilm to prevent negative concentration in any of species in a gas mixture.

New features

  • Added a new example for OpenVolume in OverflowingOpenVolume for overflowing tank.
  • Added a new example for generating the equilibrium map for CO2 in MEA in the sub-package of Separation Process in CreateSpeciationTableForCO2inMEA.


  • Added assert statement in TwoPhase.Volumes.OpenVolume for empty tank to avoid simulation errors and update its documentation to emphasize liquid overflow modeling capability.
  • Improved SeparationProcess.Controllers.Controller architecture to accurately represent the system operation in the reference and separated steam injections for different actions (purging air and purging CO2) based on conditions.
  • Changes in ThermalPower.SeparationProcess.Controllers.BooleanToReal_conversion (obsolete in 1.26): architecture to model purging in three phases in contrast to only one phase of the cycle. This is done to represent the system realistically.
  • Added the mixer and controller in the SCR example test SCRwithMixer.
  • Added the mixer and controller in the SNCR example test SNCRwithMixer.
  • In the Drum component:
    • Renamed all instances of drum.y to y_rel to highlight relative liquid level in the drum.
    • Rearranged some heat transfer parameters group tab to Advanced tab.
    • Moved downcomer settings from Advanced tab to General tab
  • In the MicroGrid package, the following enhancements are made w.r.t. optimization capability:
    • The record OptimalParameter is added to enable user to optimize arbitrary model parameter.
    • The model InputDelay is added to enable optimization for DistrictHeating.FlowChannels.
    • The blocks OptimalControl and BoundaryCondition have been added to eliminate the requirement for RealInput and RealOutput blocks with certain naming conventions when optimizing a model. User can now use the new blocks to define the degree of freedom and boundary condition for an optimization problem. For more information on how to use these blocks, please refer to the their documentations and ModelRequirements.
  • The DistrictHeating/Production Planning Examples are now compatible with the MicroGrid optimization workflow and can now be optimized using the custom function in Modelon Impact

Obsolete classes

  • ThermalPower.SubComponents.Deprecated.MicroGrid.Examples.Templates.PartialOptimizationExample replaced by ThermalPower.SubComponents.Deprecated.MicroGrid.Optimization.Templates.PartialOptimizationExample.