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Modelon Impact Add-In for Excel Overview🔗

In this page all the demo examples using the Modelon Impact Add-In for Excel are stored.


All examples consists in general of a Workbook and a Model. The workbooks are specific to each example and can be downloaded from the list of examples. All examples in this page builds on models maintained in a publicly hosted project:


A workspace including the project is easily created conveniently using this workspace configuration link:

Before using any of the examples in this page, please make sure to load this workspace on your Modelon Impact account.


This link will only work for users. If you are using privately hosted instance of Modelon Impact, you would need to alter the link in the button slightly to point at your Modelon Impact URL given that the version of Modelon Impact supports the Modelon Impact Add-In for Excel.


Battery Charging🔗

This example shows how to set up a parameter study with two competing KPIs for battery charging. Includes a dashboard for analyzing the study with a pareto frontier, scatter plot and histogram that is automatically populated from the experiment sheet.