EL Version 1.11

Electrification Library 1.11 is part of Modelon's 2024.1 release. New versions of Modelon libraries are sold and distributed directly from Modelon, as well as approved resellers.


Simplified grounding and DCPlug connector

  • Manual grounding of components is no longer needed (but is still possible).
  • The DCPlug connectors now use a simplified representation by default (with only differential voltage and current).
  • DCPlug connections no longer contain a reference to absolute ground by default. This can be enabled by setting common_mode = true for all connected components.
  • General components and boundary conditions for this new interface is found in Modelon Base Library: Modelon.Electrical.Differential.

Component design ("sizing")

  • Introduced a workflow for design and sizing of components. Design results can be saved and loaded to/from an external file.
  • Example experiments are found in the specific component packages:
    • Machines.Experiments.Design
    • Routing.Experiments.Design
    • Batteries.Experiments.Design
  • Design model implementations:
    • Electric motor (permanent magnet synchronous machine):
    • Cables:
    • Battery pack:
    • Power density:


  • New guide: Power limits and de-rating
  • New experiment (ConstantPowerLimits) for evaluating "pulse power capability" of a battery pack.
  • New experiment demonstrating cooling a battery pack via a cold plate (Batteries.Experiments.Thermal.CoolingPlate).
  • New experiment (DischargeCharge) for consecutive discharge/charge cycles with a battery pack.
  • New variants of thermal models including a lumped cold plate (CommonPlate and IndividualPlate).
  • Cylindrical cell parametrization of lumped thermal cell model (CylindricalLumped), demonstrated in Batteries.Thermal.Cells.Experiments.CylindricalCompared.
  • Example of multiple battery packs connected thermally and electrically (Batteries.Experiments.Thermal.ConnectedPacks).

PV (photovoltaic) modules/arrays

  • Introduced an equivalent circuit model of a PV module/array (migrated from Thermal Power Library).
    • The electro-thermal version with a signal interface is demonstrated in: Electrification.Loads.Experiments.PhotoVoltaic
    • The electrical-only base version is demonstrated in: Electrification.Electrical.Experiments.PhotoVoltaic
  • A new example PhotoVoltaicMPPT that demonstrates MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) of a PV array via a DC/DC converter.
  • The MicroGrid example has been updated to use the new PV array model.


  • New experiment (LinearActuator), demonstrating a machine with a mechanism converting rotational to translational motion.
  • Interface and template for machines with translational mechanical interface, and a pre-configured example of a LinearActuator machine.


  • Added the PowerMode controller, that allows setting the power of a load component based on an integer mode.
  • All main components now have the parameter accumulated_outputs (in the Conditional tab). This allows removing state variables for calculating outputs like heat losses.