MBL Version 4.3

Modelon Library 4.3 is part of Modelon���s 2023.2 release.

New Features


  • A NonIdeal block has been added which enables the optional addition of dynamics, failure and analog-to-digital conversion effects to sensor outputs. An example experiment demonstrates these effects using a MassFlowSensor.


  • Added components for thermal conduction in solid material of different shapes in the package Modelon.ThermoFluid.Solids.Conduction. These are independent of material property and allow variable thermal conductivity.
  • Added a thermal mass component that allow temperature dependent heat capacitance of the material in Modelon.ThermoFluid.Solids.Capacitances.VariableCpMass.
  • Added table based temperature dependent properties and a property model for solid materials at very low temperatures in Modelon.ThermoFluid.Solids.MaterialModels.
  • Added model templates of discretized heat transfer in solid wall (through wall and along wall) based on above listed components in Modelon.ThermoFluid.Solids.Templates
  • Added a component for tabulated heat flux versus temperature difference, supporting non-linear and non-monotonic behaivor as for different boiling regimes in Modelon.ThermoFluid.Volumes.HeatTransfer
  • Added two-phase storage tank components, connecting a non-equilibrium volume model with a discretized dynamic wall model and boiling heat transfer correlation in Modelon.ThermoFluid.Volumes.TanksWithDetailedWall



  • Fixed an issue in Modelon.ThermoFluid.FlowChannels.DistributedTwoPhase where the boiling number was not correctly calculated.


  • The assert level for calling property functions out of range in two-phase media can now be controlled with a new medium package constant "limitsAction". The options are error (default), warning or no assert.


  • Fixed issues with Modelon.Math.RealVectors.reSample, which would give incorrect results for certain inputs. Additionally support for resampling intensive properties has been added and is controlled by an extra input to the function. If the new input is not defined, resampling of extensive property is assumed, which is what the function did previously.

Minor Changes

  • Two tables in Blocks.Tables and DataAccess.Tables have been renamed to have consistent names with their equivalent in MSL. ModelonTable1D was renamed to ModelonTable1Dv and ModelonTable2D was renamed to ModelonTable2Ds.
  • Minor Modelica compliance improvements in Modelon.Media & Modelon.Thermofluid

Conversion of User Libraries

User libraries will automatically be converted from version 4.2. These conversions are made using the included conversion script: Modelon/Resources/Scripts/Convert_to_4.3.mos.