EL Version 1.8

Electrification Library 1.8 is part of Modelon���s 2022.2 release. New versions of Modelon libraries are sold and distributed directly from Modelon, as well as approved resellers.

New Features

Guided battery modeling workflow

  • New guide: Select a battery model
  • New guide: Configure a battery model
  • New guide: Parametrize a battery model
  • New guide: Verify and validate a battery model
  • New guide: Resize a battery model

Example batteries

  • A simpler list of example battery models to start from.
  • A separate list of application specific example batteries (Examples.Applications).
  • Pre-parametrized example core models for different cell chemistries.

Simplified (ideal) battery models

  • A simplified Infinite battery pack and core (cell) model.
  • A basic Nominal battery pack and core (cell) model, that can be parametrized for energy content and output power.
  • A new core model template (Characteristic) that can be parametrized based on discharge curves from a cell datasheet.

Battery experiments

  • A more structured list of battery pack experiments that is easier to browse.
  • New experiment templates that replicate common lab tests. More information in the guide: Verify and validate a battery model.
  • Support for evaluating nominal voltage, capacity and energy with a static discharge experiment.
  • Experiments for evaluating maximum dynamic power ("pulse power capability").
  • Easier to switch between current or C-rate for input to experiments.

New battery summary outputs

  • DoD (Depth of Discharge).
  • Maximum continuous charging current and power (previously only discharging)

Battery limits

  • Cell voltage limits are now considered when determining maximum continuous current and power.
  • Maximum continuous charging current and power now calculated (in addition to discharging).
  • Cell limits are now automatically available in battery controllers, and used for setting default limits
    (Note: Likely to affect results if the previous default limits were used).
  • The calculation of current and power limits now (automatically) considers the selected routing scheme for an array of cells (relevant when modeling imbalances between individual cells).
  • Merged the old LimitsThresholdSoC into the LimitsFixed controller.
  • Reduced default cell limits from infinite to "very large", to trigger warnings for obviously unrealistic values.
  • Restructured parameter dialogs related to limits.

Scaling of battery models

  • Several adjustments to better support scaling of battery models.
  • SoC range can be re-scaled for the tabular OCV and impedance models (via the parameters ref_SoC_0 and ref_SoC_1.
  • Bug fix related to scaling of second order resistance in Dynamic2nd impedance model.

Battery impedance models

  • New impedance models (Dynamic1stPulse and Dynamic2ndPulse) that are parametrized based on the dynamic response from a pulse test.

Battery voltage models

  • Separated the tabular OCV model into two (with or without temperature dependence).

Battery thermal dynamics

  • Added support for modeling heat transfer between individual cells in a battery pack.
  • New IndividualCells thermal model.
  • Fix issue with parameters for configuring thermal states.

1D vehicle model

  • System examples with the SimpleChassis1D model has migrated to the 1D vehicle model from MSL (includes rolling resistance and road inclination).