Version 1.8

Electrification Library 1.8 is part of Modelon’s 2022.2 release. New versions of Modelon libraries are sold and distributed directly from Modelon, as well as approved resellers.

New Features

Guided battery modeling workflow

  • New guide: Select a battery model
  • New guide: Configure a battery model
  • New guide: Parametrize a battery model
  • New guide: Verify and validate a battery model
  • New guide: Resize a battery model

Example batteries

  • A simpler list of example battery models to start from.
  • A separate list of application specific example batteries (Examples.Applications).
  • Pre-parametrized example core models for different cell chemistries.

Simplified (ideal) battery models

  • A simplified Infinite battery pack and core (cell) model.
  • A basic Nominal battery pack and core (cell) model, that can be parametrized for energy content and output power.
  • A new core model template (Characteristic) that can be parametrized based on discharge curves from a cell datasheet.

Battery experiments

  • A more structured list of battery pack experiments that is easier to browse.
  • New experiment templates that replicate common lab tests. More information in the guide: Verify and validate a battery model.
  • Support for evaluating nominal voltage, capacity and energy with a static discharge experiment.
  • Experiments for evaluating maximum dynamic power ("pulse power capability").
  • Easier to switch between current or C-rate for input to experiments.

New battery summary outputs

  • DoD (Depth of Discharge).
  • Maximum continuous charging current and power (previously only discharging)

Battery limits

  • Cell voltage limits are now considered when determining maximum continuous current and power.
  • Maximum continuous charging current and power now calculated (in addition to discharging).
  • Cell limits are now automatically available in battery controllers, and used for setting default limits
    (Note: Likely to affect results if the previous default limits were used).
  • The calculation of current and power limits now (automatically) considers the selected routing scheme for an array of cells (relevant when modeling imbalances between individual cells).
  • Merged the old LimitsThresholdSoC into the LimitsFixed controller.
  • Reduced default cell limits from infinite to "very large", to trigger warnings for obviously unrealistic values.
  • Restructured parameter dialogs related to limits.

Scaling of battery models

  • Several adjustments to better support scaling of battery models.
  • SoC range can be re-scaled for the tabular OCV and impedance models (via the parameters ref_SoC_0 and ref_SoC_1.
  • Bug fix related to scaling of second order resistance in Dynamic2nd impedance model.

Battery impedance models

  • New impedance models (Dynamic1stPulse and Dynamic2ndPulse) that are parametrized based on the dynamic response from a pulse test.

Battery voltage models

  • Separated the tabular OCV model into two (with or without temperature dependence).

Battery thermal dynamics

  • Added support for modeling heat transfer between individual cells in a battery pack.
  • New IndividualCells thermal model.
  • Fix issue with parameters for configuring thermal states.

1D vehicle model

  • System examples with the SimpleChassis1D model has migrated to the 1D vehicle model from MSL (includes rolling resistance and road inclination).