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Electrification Examples🔗

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Instructions to run examples:
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Electric Range

The range of the vehicle is here defined as the distance that the vehicle travels, when driven according to a repeated sequence of a specific drive cycle. The simulation starts with a fully charged battery, at 90 % SoC. And a monitor in the battery has been configured to stop the simulation when the battery is depleated at 10 % SoC (configured in the Limits tab of the battery model).

AC Machine Inverter

This example demonstrates a transient fault simulation with a three phase AC machine supplied from a battery via a DC/AC inverter. For this use case, it is important to consider the dynamics of the specific machine type, as well as the method of controlling the three phase AC currents between machine and inverter.

This example especially highlights dynamics that are specific to a PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine) operating in the high speed field weakening region.

Active Cooling

This experiment demonstrates a battery pack with active cooling via the external thermalPort interface, based on a cool_request signal from the battery controller.

Maximum Performance

This is demonstrated with a maximum acceleration test for an electric car. The test is performed by requesting a very large torque, until the velocity threshold is reached. After that, a very large opposite torque is requested until the vehicle comes to a stop. Note that the reference torque (tau_ref) is larger than the actual (limited) torque.