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Export Settings🔗

The Export tab includes global export settings used for an FMU export. These settings are not stored in the model, but they are stored as user settings and are recovered for the next session.

Global FMU export settings🔗

Export settings can be used for changing the default FMU export settings. You can find more information about the FMI standard at

General options for FMU export
Option Default Description
FMI version 2.0 FMU version
Target platform Win64 List of available compilation platforms: Win64 (for Windows x64/64bit platform) and Linux64 (for Linux 64bit platform)
FMU format Model exchange FMU format can be either 'Model exchange' or 'Co-simulation'

Cross-platform compilation is supported and limited to FMU generation for Windows 64-bit platform and Linux 64-bit platform.

Co-simulation defaults🔗

Co-simulation export settings
Option Default Description
Solver CVode Numerical method to be used to solve the simulation problem. Supported solvers are: CVode, Euler, Runga-Kutta2, Radau5ODE.
Depending on the selected solver you can either enter one or both of the next options.
Relative tolerance 1e-5 Relative error tolerance for the CVode or Radau5ODE numerical solver
Fixed step size 1e-3 Fixed simulation step size for the Euler or Runga-Kutta2 numerical solver.
(CVode and Radau5ODE have an internal step size control)

Compiler options🔗

Compiler options specify with what options a model is compiled into an FMU.

Selection of compilation options
Option Default Description
c_compiler gcc C compiler. msvs= Microsoft Visual Studio Compiler.
msvs_path Path to the Microsoft Visual Studio Compiler to compile C code with. Will cause compilation to fail if no installation is found.
msvs_version Microsoft Visual Studio Compiler version or year edition to compile C code with. If the msvs_path option is not set, then this option will be used to find an installation among the default install locations. If the msvs_path option is set, then this option will be used to verify the compiler version. In both cases, the compilation will fail if the installation found mismatches in the version specified with this option.
generate_html_diagnostics false If enabled, model diagnostics are generated in HTML format. This includes the flattened model, connection sets, alias sets and BLT form.

+Add new - Used to add additional compiler options.

For more information, see Optimica Compiler Toolkit (OCT) user guide

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