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Save Experiments Setup back to Model🔗

Saving an experiment setup back to the model modifies the underlying modelica code of the model to reflect the selected experiment. The function allows for improving model fidelity after running experiments.

  1. Create Experiment to test parameters
  2. Click on details panel
  3. Go to Experimentation section.
  4. Right click on Experiment to expose Apply to model. This means the experiment will be applied to corresponding component parameters. The command Apply to model works for Dynamic simulations.
  5. Apply to new model duplicates the model and applies the Experiment settings. This maintains the original model. The command alters the Modelica code that defines the model.


Read-only models can contain read-only experiments. Only Apply to new model is available then. The current model is then duplicated into a library you specify and modified with the experiment settings (then a new class is created).

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