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Troubleshoot: On-premise installation🔗

Git Token Expired🔗

A git personal access token is often generated to be valid for only a limited time period. Problems experienced accessing git repositories (push/update/...) from Workspace management or from git command line, may be because the personal access token has expired. To check the status of personal access tokens, go to your git service provider web page.

Git Update Fails in Workspace Management🔗

If there are conflicts between local and remote updates for a git working copy, the built-in "Update" functionality for Workspace management may throw an error. This error message should guide the user to which files there are conflicts in. These conflicts can currently not be resolved in Workspace management, but need to be resolved in VS code or through git terminal commands to be able to update the working copy through Workspace Management and continue working. To avoid merge conflicts like these, it is recommended for users to work on separate git branches until changes are merged (e.g. when a feature/task is complete).

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