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Pneumatics Examples🔗

Closed Loop

A BooleanController is used to control the bellows length according to the schedule set in targetHeight. The orange curve is the measured length of the bellows and the blue curve is the target length schedule as shown in Figure 1. The orange curve follows the target command within the tolerance set by k in the BooleanController. Transient behavior can be observed before the system finds the equilibrium. By changing pneumatics specification, the controllability can be changed. For instance, change the line diameter to 7.5e-3 m. The initial response is faster.

Pressure Relief Valve Circuit

This example demonstrates the pressure relief cracking open to maintain the maximum pressure in the circuit. The input flow to the system starts from 2 seconds and ramps to around 0.025 kg/s at 8 seconds and remains constant after that. The role of the PRV is to crack open and bypass flow to the tank through port_A to port_B flow when the pressure exceeds certain level. The load pressure to the system starts ramping up from 1 bar at 2 seconds and reaches a maximum of 3 bar at 4 seconds and remains there till the end of simulation.