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Download of Results as CSV or MAT files🔗

To download the simulation result, select the Result, click and select either Download result (.mat) or Download result (.csv) (see figure) and follow the instructions.

Download results

Download CSV files🔗

The CSV file downloaded contains the time and variable vectors as columns. The top rows contain variable names and the following rows the values, where the values contain dots as decimal separators. Commas separate the columns.

Download MAT files🔗

The MAT file downloaded is a binary file that can be opened in MATLAB without special handling.

MATLAB MATv4 file format🔗

This result file format conforms to the MATLAB Level 4 MAT file specification as described in the MATLAB documentation. Tools such as MATLAB, Octave, Scilab and SciPy can read it. Modelon Impact writes these files in a form that allows tools like Dymola and DyMat to understand them as well.

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