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Workspace Configuration🔗

The workspace configuration page can be used to configure existing or new workspaces with version controlled libraries and/or Modelon Impact libraries. The page also shows an overview of all content in the workspace and the status of the working copies in which the version controlled libraries are located. The workspace configuration page can be opened from the Apps menu in an open workspace in Modelon Impact to configure or view the content of the workspace, or from the Apps menu on the Modelon Impact landing page to create and configure a new workspace.

Configure Workspace🔗

When the workspace configuration page is opened from the workspace in Modelon Impact, the content of the workspace is shown, as well as the status of the working copies in which the version controlled libraries are located. There are three types of content which can be in the workspace:

  • Version controlled libraries show as "LibraryName (branch)", where 'branch' is the branch the library is located on in the SVN or Git repository. Each grey box represents a working copy, which can be further inspected at the repository management page through the option "Open in Repo Management" in the context menu (three dots). The status of each working copy is displayed next to the three dots, see more info in Check Status of Working Copies. One working copy can contain one ore more Modelica libraries.
  • Libraries not under version control are displayed as only the library name. These are libraries located only on your user disk, and could be top level packages or models created in Modelon Impact. By default, each new workspace will contain a package "Workspace", which is not under version control. All libraries which are not under version control are grouped together in a grey box.
  • Modelon Impact libraries show as a library name and a version number, separated by a space. These libraries are distributed together with Modelon Impact, and can not be edited. All Modelon Impact libraries are grouped together in a grey box.

To add/remove/delete libraries in the workspace, click the "Edit" button. Available version controlled libraries and Modelon Impact libraries are now shown to the right, and can be dragged into the workspace as editable or read-only (dependencies). To remove a library from the workspace, click the 'x' button, and it will again appear under "Available libraries". For libraries which are not version controlled (only located on your user disk), there is a trash can icon which enables you to delete the library.

If you are missing any version controlled libraries, click the link "Clone/checkout new library") to go to the repository management page to checkout/clone them to your disk, and then go back to the configure page to continue (refresh page may be needed).

Changes are applied as soon as they are performed, but to get a cleaner page view, edit mode can be exited after configuration is finished by clicking "Done". When configuration is complete, you can go back to the workspace in Modelon Impact (a reload will be requested if the content was changed), or you can use the link at the bottom of the page to open the workspace in Modelon Impact.


Modelon Impact does not allow more than one library with the same name in a workspace, which is why this is restricted when configuring a workspace.


The libraries distributed with Modelon Impact are read-only, which is why they can not be added as editable in a workspace.

Open Workspace in Visual Studio Code🔗

The link at the bottom of the page to open the workspace in Visual Studio (VS) Code may be convenient for checking the status of all version controlled libraries in the workspace simultaneously. Clicking the link will open a VS Code workspace which has all working copies open for which there are libraries included in the current Modelon Impact workspace. Going to the "Source Control" view (icon in the left sidebar) will show the local modifications in each of the working copies. See more information in the section Version Control in Visual Studio Code.

Create New Workspace🔗

When the workspace configuration page is opened from the Modelon Impact landing page, a page for creating and configuring the workspace is shown. Specify a name of the new workspace and drag and drop version controlled and/or Modelon Impact libraries as needed to "Editable libraries" and/or "Dependencies", see Configure Workspace.

After clicking "Create workspace", the workspace is created and the page switches to configure mode, where you can continue configuring the workspace or opening it in Modelon Impact or VS Code.