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Import FMU🔗

FMU (Functional Mock-up Unit) Import allows the user to import models to be used in Modelon Impact.


Modelon Impact supports import of Co-Simulation (CS) FMUs.

  1. Import of FMU requires an FMU is stored in a drive accessible on you workstation.
  2. Go to the top of the Workspace panel located to the left of the canvas.
  3. Click on the upward pointing arrow for FMU Import. Hovering the mouse on the arrow will display its function.
  4. Click on the FMU or zip-file and a window called IMPORT FMU is opened: - FMU can be renamed. - FMU can be stored in workspace of choice.
  5. Press IMPORT and the FMU is found as a branch of the selected workspace.
  6. The model is ready to be opened, duplicated or extended to be worked upon in the canvas.

Location of input and putputs of an FMI are indicated by arrow heads. If number of inputs and outputs exceed three (3), the icon will be presented in rectangular shape. Else it will be square shaped.

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