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Find a Model🔗

Starting with an example, a template or existing model is an efficient way to build a model with the right fidelity needed for your tasks. Global Libraries include predefined examples and templates, see, for example, Modelica.Blocks.Examples.PID_Controller.

  1. Example models are typically stored in a folder named Examples or Experiments or Templates.

  2. To find such models, browse through the library of interest and look for such folders. Alternatively, utilize the filter functionality in the Library Browser to identify Examples, Experiments or Templates*.

  3. A single mouse click is sufficient for expanding the tree structure and browsing through the libraries, but a double click is required to open a model.

  4. Since Global Libraries are read-only, the example models need to be duplicated to edit them. To edit an example, right-click on it in the Library Browser, select Duplicate to..., and choose the workspace package you wish to duplicate the example model to. The model will then be free to be edited from your workspace.

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