JPL Version 2.4

JetPropulsion Library 2.4 is part of Modelon���s 2022.2 release.

New versions of Modelon libraries are sold and distributed directly from Modelon, as well as approved resellers. 

Build 1 (2022-06-17)

New features

  • Added new experiments for flat models of JT9D and Geared Turbofan both with bleeds.
  • New package JetPropulsion.Basic.MeanLine is intended for modeling and simulation of fluid machinery (compressor) with focus on the building blocks from aerodynamics and thermodynamics
  • Added a new efficiency correction correlation KyprianidisRolt2015 which corrects the compressor polytropic efficiency based on the last blade height.
  • A new propeller model with maps (Constant and ExternalFile) and mass estimation is added.


  • Improved initialization for OffDesign simulations by providing better guess values for mass flow rate (wIn), and by enforcing the shaft speed (N) as the iteration variable in compressor and turbine.
  • The medium templates have been migrated to the Modelon Base Library(MBL), therefore the JetPropulsion.Media.TotalStaticProps have been removed and is replaced by predefined media package built from the new templates from MBL.

Fixed issues

  • Frame weight in compressor and turbines are corrected, when using WATE weight estimation with automatic calculation of number of stages (use_nStgInput=false).

Library structure changes

New classes

  • JetPropulsion.Basic.MeanLine
  • JetPropulsion.Media.PreDefined
  • JetPropulsion.Media.Fuel
  • JetPropulsion.Media.DataDefinitions

Removed classes

  • Removed manual conversion function JetPropulsion.Information.UsersGuide.Convert_to_2_2.
  • Removed JetPropulsion.Media.TotalStaticProps

Build 2 (2022-08-10)

New features

  • Writing on-design data into an XML-file is now supported on all simulation platforms
  • Support for performance maps in Excel (.xlsx) format


  • XML-file for storing on-design data can now be used on models located on different level in the model heirarchy
  • Initialization of models in both on- and off-design initialization mode is improved
  • General model-info is printed in the XML-file for storing on-design data