TPL Version 1.24

Thermal Power Library 1.24 is part of Modelon's 2022.2 release. New versions of Modelon libraries are sold and distributed directly from Modelon, as well as approved resellers.

Version 1.24 contains the changes described below.

Build 1 (2022-06-17)

New features

  • A new subpackage FlueGasTreatment is added with the following new classes:
    • SCR Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx emissions
    • SNCR Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction of NOx emissions
    • ESP_ash Electric Precipitator to capture dust
  • Widening the scope of MicroGrid the following new features are implemented:
    • TransformerSimplified Transformer with unidirectional power flow to improve optimization performance
    • FuelCellEfficiency Simplified fuel cell for improved optimization performance
    • ElectrolyzerEfficiency Simplified electrolyzer for improved optimization performance
    • SimplifiedGrid Grid with unidirectional power flow to improve optimization performance
    • CCS Carbon Capture and Storage
    • BatteryDualControl Battery controller for district control signals for changing and discharging to improve optimization performance
    • EVPark Electric vehicle park
    • FuelDeliveryMarket Discrete gas market
    • Economy Subpackage for automated economy variable summation
    • Liquifier Gas liquifier
    • Compressor Gas compressor


The subpackage MicroGrid has been improved with respect to usability and also enhanced with respect to optimization performance:

  • Inputs of the following components are unified now to be in p.u (per unit). In case of Electrolyzer and FuelCell connectors are being renamed which is handled by a conversion script. However, the right rescaling of the inputs must be done by the user. For that purpose, the new blocks NormalizeChargeable and NormalizeDispatch are provided.
    • Generator
    • Battery
    • ElectrolyzerEmpirical
    • InputPowerSource
    • Photovoltaics_simple
    • Cogeneration
    • FuelCellEfficiency
  • ElectrolyzerEmpirical is now referring to LHV instead of HHV for power calculation. Results may change accordingly
  • ElectrolyzerEmpirical and Compressor are made into separate models. To maintain same results in existing models, a separate compressor must be added after the electrolyzer.
  • Many minor changes are done to improve readability of the code.
  • Parameters and models are consequently using SI units.
  • Major overhaul of Generator and Cogeneration to make them more consistent on user interface and allow for more intuitive parameters required.
  • All MicroGrid examples make use of a Excel file based boundary conditions (PV and el. load) which make it more easy to access the data. The scope of the data is enhanced to a full year
  • The performance of the optimization is significantly improved, see HelpCenter for help on setting up and running the optimization environment

Fixed issues

In the Drum component:

  • The heat transfer Qvl from the vapor to the liquid phase, were previously proportional to the vapor superheat T_vap - Ts, where Ts is the saturation temperature in the drum. This is modified to be proportional to the temperature difference between the vapor and liquid phases, T_vap - T_liq
  • In energy balances of the vapor and liquid phases, the surface condensate mass flow was considered carrying the enthalpy of saturated vapor. This has been changed and is now considered carrying the saturated liquid enthalpy.

In the components: SteamTurbineStodola and PumpPosDispl

  • Introduced conditional inputs for partial arc and number of pumps in SteamTurbineStodola and PumpPosDispl, respectively. This is to improve Modelica compliance. Instances with unconnected inputs will result in an error message now. The respected connectors can be deactivated by setting the respective Boolean in the parameter dialogues to false.