Heat Pump

This is an example of a heat pump system experiment with R-407c as working fluid. A vapor compression cycle with water as secondary fluid in condenser and evaporator transports heat from the low temperature heat source to the high temperature heat sink. The superheating at the evaporator is controlled by the expansion valve. During the simulation, transients are applied to the liquid fluid boundary conditions at both heat exchangers.

Plot the following variables to examine the impact of boundary condition changes:

  • Superheating at the evaporator outlet:summary.superheat
  • Subcooling at the condenser outlet:summary.subcooling
  • Water outlet temperature at condenser summary.T_cond_out_sec
  • Coefficient of performance:summary.COP
  • Suction and discharge pressure:summary.p_high and summary.p_low
  • Refrigerant mass flow rate:summary.m_flow