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Stickies are used to visualize parameters and variables in the model canvas. For parameters, values can also be changed directly in the stickies. A selection of the most frequently used parameters can be added as stickies to facilitate model configuration.

  1. Display a result on the model canvas, by going to the variable of interest in the Calculated Values panel and pressing the button.

  2. Use the Time Slider to view the values of the variables at a particular point in time.

  3. Move stickies on the canvas by dragging them using the left mouse button.

  4. The stickies can be pinned down to the canvas using button in the stickies.

How to use stickies animation

Stickies for entire tabs🔗

Stickies can also be enabled for entire tabs.

  1. Go to PROPERTIES > Toggle filters icon
  2. This filtering feature is dedicated to modeling mode and it allows the user to view only parameters with stickies.
Stickies for tabs

Moving stickies🔗

  1. Stickies can be repositioned by dragging them. By default, they will move with their component.
  2. The model properties can be filtered to only show components that are shown on stickies using the category filters.

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