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Execution environment🔗

In Modelon Impact the execution environment is the area where a model is compiled and a custom function is executed. The environment is well-defined and enables reproducibility of result.

The execution environment can be described as a container where the main parts are:

  • Operation System
  • Optimica Compiler Toolkit, including a Modelica compiler, simulation and optimization solvers and a Python environment.
  • Public and documented Python libraries for custom function development

A user interacts with the execution environment by starting a compilation or execution of a custom function, either manually by pressing the play button from within the Modelon Impact UI or programmatically using the Modelon Impact client libraries.

Versioned execution environment🔗

A versioned execution environment is a specific version of the execution environment. Versions are introduced and removed according to the Execution environment life cycle as described in update strategy.

A user selects which execution environment to use at the server profile page at login. The choice will be cached in the browser and remembered.

The Platform Information section in the release notes provides a summary of what’s included in a specific version.

Relation between execution environment and libraries, custom functions and REST-API🔗

Libraries, custom functions, and the REST-API are decoupled from the execution environment. This modularization makes it possible to freely combine a specific version of an execution environment with a library version and custom function.


A library version and custom function is often developed and tested with a specific version of the execution environment. Update strategy and release notes provide further information on best practice and compatibility.