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Delete a Workspace🔗

There two places, where you can delete a Workspace:

  1. HOME page
    On the HOME page, please click on the three-dots icon and select "Delete".

  2. Global Settings
    Another way to delete a Workspace is to open the Global Settings in Impact. Go to tab "Workspace".

Deleting a Workspace cannot be undone. To delete a Workspace you must enter its name.
A Workspace contains always at least one Project, which contains all your intellectual property. Deleting a Workspace will not delete these Projects, they still reside in you user storage and you can add them to a new or other Workspaces. So, nothing gets lost.

The function to delete a workspace resides in Settings. Deleting a workspace cannot be undone. Only the current workspace can be deleted in order to limit risk of deleting a workspace by accident.

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