Capillary Suction Line HX

Capillary Suction Line

This experiment is for testing the capillary tube with a suction line heat exchanger.

The capillary tube and suction line are parameterized based on the measured data mentioned in the reference section. As per the reference, the inlet pressure and inlet mass flow rate are known. So, provided the inlet mass flow rate at the inlet of the capillary tube and introduced the PID controller to identify the outlet pressure to match the inlet pressure of the capillary. The visualizer "Temperature profile" shows the general temperature profile of the liquid and two-phase flow through the capillary tube along the length (blue color) and also it clearly shows the inlet , the heat exchanger region and oulet region of the capillary tube. It also shows the temperature profile of the suction line (red color). There is a PH diagram to show the enthalpy vs pressure of the capillary tube in blue color respresentation and enthalpy vs pressure of the suction line in black color representation

Capillary Tube Test Results


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