Torque Ramp Turbo Charged Engine

Experiment description

This is an example of a transient torque response at constant engine speed in a turbo-charged Diesel engine. A PID controller is implemented to control the fuel injection.

Additionally, an air-fuel excess ratio threshold (λ = 1.3) is used to limit the fuel injection.

In this simple experiment the engine speed and other inputs, except fuel flow, is kept constant. The EGR valve is closed completely.

The turbo speed is initialized at a higher speed than steady-state for the initial operating point.

At t=50 the torque setpoint is increased from 0 to 2350 Nm. The generated torque and turbo speed will gradually increase as fuel injection increases.

Interesting plot variables are:

  • engine.summary.Trq_Engine (Generated torque)
  • engine.summary.P_Inlet_Manifold (Boost pressure)
  • engine.summary.Spd_Turbo (Turbo rotational speed)