VDL Version 4.4

VehicleDynamics Library 4.4 is part of Modelon's 2024.1 release.

New Features

Support for rFpro driving simulators

VDL has been extended with templates to export models to the rFpro environment for driver-in-the-loop simulators. The export template is coupled with a new physics plugin for rFPro that can be acquired by request from Modelon. Please reach out to us at Modelon for more information if you are interested in trying this out.


Change in Default Rotation Sequence for Roll, Pitch & Yaw Calculation

The default rotation sequence for the calculation of chassis roll, pitch and yaw angles has been changed from {3,1,2} to {3,2,1} as in accordance with ISO-8855. The change will result in small differences primarily in the roll and pitch angles as returned by the chassis, truck and trailer summary variables: {summary_px, summary_py, summary_pz}. As previously, the rotation sequence is user configurable through the sequence parameter and can be changed back to the previous value of {3,1,2} in user models.

The default sequence was changed in the following models:

  • Chassis.Motion.Initialization.Generic
  • Chassis.Motion.Initialization.RelativeGround
  • Chassis.Motion.Initialization.RelativeWorld
  • Chassis.Motion.Initialization.Interfaces.Set
  • Chassis.Experiments.Rigs.Templates.MotionRig
  • Chassis.Templates.FullTrailerBase
  • Chassis.Templates.SemiTrailerBase
  • Chassis.Sensors.ChassisStates

Correction in rolling resistance parameters for example Pacejka02 wheels

The rolling resistance parameters for the Coupe, Pickup, Sedan and Conventional_205_55_R17 example wheels have been corrected to generate negative rolling resistance torque when driving forward instead of positive torque. This has been done by setting positive QSY1, QSY3 and QSY4 values.

Minor Changes

  • Two tire forces templates that have been obsolete for many years have been removed:
    • TireForces.Templates.DiagramBV
    • TireForces.Templates.TextualBV
    If this causes issues, please contact Modelon for support in updating your models.
  • The Pacejka02 tire force calculation now correctly scales the rolling resistance torque using the scaling factor LMY.

Conversion of User Libraries

User libraries will automatically be converted from version 4.3. These conversions are made using the included conversion script: VehicleDynamics/Resources/Scripts/Convert_to_4.4.mos.