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Workspace Management Overview🔗

Modelon Impact Workspace Management allows users to collaborate with other users via version controlled repositories on Subversion (SVN) and Git. This app enables use of version controlled Modelica libraries in Modelon Impact workspaces, and changes and new contributions to these libraries are tracked and can be shared with others through version control operations built into the app. Updates by other users can also be fetched, enabling coordinated work among Modelon Impact users collaboratively developing models or Modelica libraries.

Modelon Impact Workspace Management is available with Modelon Impact On-Premise.

Modelon Impact Workspace Management includes three key components:

Each component can be accessed both from the Modelon Impact landing page and from a workspace in Modelon Impact through the Apps menu in the upper right corner of the browser window:

For information on the advanced tools shown in the Apps menu, see JupyterHub Advanced Tools. For more information on version control, see Use version control.