EL Version 1.7

Electrification Library 1.7 is part of Modelon���s 2022.1 release. New versions of Modelon libraries are sold and distributed directly from Modelon, as well as approved resellers.

New Features

Power distribution applications

  • New application example: MicroGrid
  • New inverter experiments: GridFeeding and GridForming


  • Added a Power and Voltage controllers (three phase AC).
  • Example inverters for grid applications: ThreePhaseGridFeeding and ThreePhaseGridForming
  • Sign change in AC current sensor signals (for consistency). Note: Any dependence on these signals need to be manually updated!
  • Added support for initializing the current control actuation.
  • Simulation state events for control limits are now disabled by default.
  • Improved robustness to grounding for AC domain.


  • More consistent variable names in summary records (an optional record is available with the old names).
  • Removed core variables from pack summary record (use summary record of core model instead).
  • Added min/max cell variables to the pack record (an optional record can be selcted that includes all individual cells).
  • An improved BatteryCycler load, with support for both power and current control.
  • Introduced templates for diagram and code based OCV models, and migrated the Table based OCV model to a diagram implementation.
  • The example Stochastic core battery has been migrated to the new (simpler) function based approach of stochastic parameters.


  • The MultiMode machine controller now only looks for external reference signals related to the selected mode.


  • Added support for Current controlled loads (in addition to the Power controlled ones).


  • Added a Power controller for DCDC converters, and a new power mode to the MultiMode controller.
  • Added the ControlModes experiment examples for DCDC converters.


  • Introduced switches for AC and DC connections: DCSwitchResistive and ACSwitchResistive
  • Added interfaces and examples for AC routing components (e.g. cables).
  • Introduced common interfaces (Electrical and BaseComponent) for single and dual plug components (to allow e.g. replacing an ideal cable with a switch).

3D MultiBody

  • It is now possible to disable the mass and inertia properties for MultiBody3D enabled battery packs and machines, using the enable_mass_properties flag. Note that this still maintains the reaction torques in the Rotational3D flange.


  • Various minor improvements to documentation and icons.
  • Improved naming consistency for controllers.