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System Requirement🔗

Modelon Impact is a browser-based tool. Its graphical user interface is accessible through a web browser pointed at the correct address (URL); the URL could be http://localhost:8080 for desktop installations or for on-premise installations.

Browser recommendations🔗

Currently, the only officially supported web browser is Google Chrome (the three most recent major versions). Although not officially supported, other Chromium-based browsers like Opera may work as well.


Modelon Impact uses modern web technology. It is recommended to use the latest version of Google Chrome to avail latest security and performance updates.

Internet speed🔗

Modelon Impact is a web-based application that requires a reliable network connection for the on-premise and cloud installation flavors. For a good user experience, Modelon recommends upload & download bandwidths of 10 Mbps or higher. The minimum bandwidth requirement is 5 Mbps.


The desktop version (unless the local server is accessed from the network) is not restricted by internet connectivity.


There are several websites available for testing the internet connection speed. For example, Google provides a link to a speed testing service here.

Desktop Specific Requirements🔗

Modelon Impact can be installed and used as a desktop application. Installation needs a computer with the following requirements:

Minimum Recommended
Operating system Windows 10 Windows 10
Memory 8 GB of RAM 16 GB of RAM or more
Processor Dual core Intel Core i7 or faster with 4 cores or more
Hard drive 20 GB available hard disk space Solid state drive with 50 GB available hard disk space or more
Screen resolution 1366x768 1920x1080

!!! Note Using a less performant computer will lead to longer compilation and simulation times. The compilation and simulation times are also strongly dependent on the size of the model(s).

Cloud Specific requirements🔗

Infrastructure requirements🔗

The following infrastructure tools and versions are supported.

Software Supported versions
Kubernetes >= 1.19
Helm >= 3.4.x

Node size recommendations🔗

These recommendations are based on a model of moderate size and assume editorial work where users are not simulating constantly.

Number of users Memory (GB) CPU cores
1 8 4
5 20 8
10 40 16
20 70 30


Use of larger or more demanding models may greatly affect these figures.


The above recommendations have no opinion on the distribution of users per node. That decision must be made with expected workloads and associated costs in mind.

No installation required