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Energy Process🔗

Energy & Process libraries are included within Modelon Impact Pro installation. They do cover a wide range of applications covering simulation and optimization for energy and processing plants, microgrids and district heating systems helping customers to develop new techniques leading to increase efficiency, improve productivity, and satisfying regulatory requirements within industries such as power, processing, chemical, oil and gas, and utilities. For more detailed information click here.


The abstraction level of our first-principle-based physical allows us to accurately calculate & predict the transient and steady-state process behavior in on- and off-design conditions. Ranging from finding the best geometry of a heat exchanger to be integrated into a power plant for maximum efficiency or identifying the optimal size and operation schedule for a battery storage in an integrated energy system considering operational and capital expense. The proven accuracy of our validated component models allows to support development processes from an early stage, even before prototypes and measurement data are available, setting our solutions apart from purely data-based approaches.


Energy Systems

Ideal for investment planning and operation of hybrid energy systems

Thermal Power

Ideal for analyzing power generation plant performance

Heat Exchanger

Provides geometry-based heat exchangers, focused on compact designs


Suitable for a wide variety of electrification applications


Contains classes that complement the Modelica Standard Library


Modelica® is a standardized and free package that is developed together with the Modelica®.


Energy System Optimization - Hybrid System

  • This is a step-by-step tutorial for setting up and optimizing a basic hybrid energy system with the Energy Systems library.
  • The focus is on understanding the basic concepts of optimization and how the different components affect the optimal result.
  • Energy System Optimization - Electric System

  • This is a step-by-step tutorial for setting up and optimizing an electric energy system with respect to component sizing and system dispatch using the Energy Systems library
  • The focus is on advanced initial guess implementation and systematic interpretation of complex results.
  • Brayton Cycle

  • This is a step-by-step tutorial to learn how to build transient models of complex thermodynamic systems in Modelon Impact.
  • Investigate a super-critical CO2 Brayton cycle with the Vapor Cycle library.
  • Includes best-practice tips for complex thermo-fluid modeling.