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Energy Process🔗

Energy & Process libraries are included within Modelon Impact Pro installation. They do cover a wide range of applications covering simulation and optimization for energy and processing plants, microgrids and district heating systems helping customers to develop new techniques leading to increase efficiency, improve productivity, and satisfying regulatory requirements within industries such as power, processing, chemical, oil and gas, and utilities. For more detailed information click here.


Design Thermal Power Cycles and its Components

Control Design and Improvements


Modelica Standard Library

  • Modelica┬« is a standardized and free package that is developed together with the Modelica┬« language from the Modelica Association, see Modelica website. It is also called Modelica Standard Library.
  • Modelon Base Library

  • The Modelon Library contains classes that complement the Modelica Standard Library (MSL). The structure of the library largely follows that of MSL.
  • Electrification

  • The Electrification Library is intended for analysis related to the design, control, and thermal management of electrified systems.
  • The library can be used to analyze partial as well as complete systems.
  • HeatExchanger

  • The Heat Exchanger Library, or the HXL, is intended for heat-exchanger design, dimensioning, and stacking.
  • The library contains heat exchanger models supporting several flat-tube, louvered fin and plate designs.
  • HydroPower

  • The Hydro Power Library, or HPL, is targeted to modeling of modeling and simulation of hydropower plant operations.
  • The library can be used to study multiple plant designs and their dynamic behaviors in the early concept design phase.
  • ThermalPower

  • The Thermal Power Library, or the TPL, is intended for the design and commissioning of thermal power plants, including steam and combined cycle power plants.

  • Tutorials🔗


  • The main aim of this application is to show a workflow for building and choosing an optimal microgrid design (topology and components selection) based on consumer types and the selected area.
  • Use Cases🔗

    Brayton Cycle

  • This is a step-by-step tutorial to learn how to build transient models of complex thermodynamic systems in Modelon Impact.