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Automotive libraries are included within Modelon Impact Pro version. They do cover wide range of applications, from complete vehicle energy management, performance improvements of Formula 1 cars to reducing fuel consumption for heavy vehicles. For more detailed information click here


Modelon Base Library

  • The Modelon Library contains classes that complement the Modelica Standard Library (MSL). The structure of the library largely follows that of MSL.
  • AirConditioning

  • The Air Conditioning Library is intended for the steady-state and dynamic systems analysis of air conditioning and refrigeration cycles.
  • Typical tasks are component selection, system performance optimization and verification and also control design and verification.
  • EngineDynamics

  • The Engine Dynamics Library (EDL) bring mean value engine simulation to Modelica.
  • The library is designed for modeling of the complete gas exchange and makes it easy to evaluate different super charging configurations and controller design.
  • FuelCell

  • The Fuel Cell Library, or the FCL, is intended for modeling of fuel cells and fuel cell systems.
  • The library is targeted to modeling, simulation, analysis and control design of fuel cell systems and contains generic components for a wide range of applications.

  • VehicleDynamics

  • The Vehicle Dynamics Library, or VDL, is intended for vehicle dynamics analysis related to mechanical design and control design of automotive chassis.
  • Handling behavior is the primary target, but the library is also well suited for studies of other vehicle properties.
  • Electrification

  • The Electrification Library is intended for analysis related to design, control, and thermal management of electrified systems.
  • The library can be used to analyze partial as well as complete systems.
  • Liquid Cooling

  • The Liquid Cooling Library, or LCL, is targeted to modeling of liquid cooling systems in a broad range of applications.
  • The physical component model approach makes it easy to realize non-standard circuits.
  • Heat Exchanger

  • The Heat Exchanger Library, or the HXL, is intended for the heat-exchanger design, dimensioning, and stacking.
  • The library contains heat exchanger models supporting several flat-tube, louvered fin and plate designs.
  • Tutorials🔗

    Build Electric Vehicle model

  • An electric vehicle (EV) is a vehicle that uses one or more electric motors or traction motors for propulsion.
  • Use Cases🔗

    Battery modeling

  • This package contains models of electrochemical batteries, and experiments
  • The models in this package are mainly used for describing battery packs. A "pack" is composed of a collection of several electrochemical "cells" that are electrically connected in series and parallel arrangements ("arrays").