ACL Version 1.27

AirConditioning Library 1.27 is part of Modelon's 2024.1 release. New versions of Modelon's libraries are sold and distributed directly from Modelon, as well as approved resellers.

Version 1.27 contains the changes described below.

Build 1 (2024-02-14)

Major changes
  • The two packages VaporCycleAdapter and LiquidCoolingAdapter have been merged into a single package AirConditioningAdapters. This change should be covered automatically by conversion scripts. If conversion fails, it is possible to import the sub-packges using import AirConditioningAdapters.LiquidCoolingAdapater; or import AirConditioningAdapters.VaporCycleAdapater; at top level of your own package. Otherwise, the adapters have not been changed.
New features
  • AirConditioning.ThermoFluidPro.Components.Receivers:
    • Added new replacable function outletQuality for table based quality with linear interpolation (user specifies relative level and outlet quality as a table in the function).
    • Refactored definition of dessicant geometry. User now has several choices on how to define the desiccant volume in the receiver.
    • V_void parameter added to permit reducing the active volume separate from the volume occupied by the dessicant geometry.
  • Moist air channel now considers latent heat for the calculation of mean specific heat capacity and outlet temperature. This improves accuracy and robustness. The old behavior and results can be restored by setting cp_arithmetic_mean to true on the heat exchangers air channel, advanced tab.
  • R744 carbon dioxide SBTL medium has been regenerated with more accurate phase boundaries and derivatives in the two-phase region, to improve robustness of simulations close to the critical point.
  • To allow the generation of analytic Jacobians for more cases, derivatives have been added to several functions, including the function reSample. The combination of pdh-states with analytic Jacobian has also been improved.
  • The two-phase flow resistance correlation by Friedel has improved robustness & simulation performance around the transitions from pure liquid to two-phase and from two-phase to pure vapor.
  • Added a base class for two-port valves and changed existing two-port valves to extend from the base model.
  • AirConditioning.Valves.CheckValve: Changed the default volume to a more realistic 0.1 liter.
  • Some minor changes to AirConditioning.Valves.DistributingValve: The parameter initialOpening was renamed to initialOpening_straight for an easier understanding. The parameter mdot_branch was renamed to mdot0_branch to be consistent with the other parameter.
  • AirConditioning.Examples.TwinEvaporatorCycleDistributingValve: Changed the initial mass flow in the straight and branch of the distributing valve from 0.75 kg/s to values that depend on the initial opening.
Bug fixes
  • AirConditioning.ThermoFluidPro.Components.Receivers: The previous defintion of A_free if V_des was used incorrectly, and has been corrected with the new approach mentioned in "New features".
  • AirConditioning.Valves.CheckValve: The check valve is now compatible with pdh as state. This is a requirement to fully work with the state choice from AirConditioning.System_ACL. It is setting quasiStatic=true when instantiating the volume, so the volume does not have any states that need initialization and an error occurred. The relevant if-statement was updated accordingly.